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Factors Affecting the Application of the Competency Framework in Human Resource Management: The Case of Information Technology Firms in Hanoi
Tran Thi Minh Phuong

Construction of Mathematical Models of Clinical and Immunological Prognosis of the Severity of Covid-19 in the Population of Uzbekistan
1Nodir Fazliddinovich Ruzimurodov, 2Tamara Uktamovna Aripova

Life Skill-Based Learning Management at State Vocational High School (SMKN) 3 Samarinda
1Bere Ali,2Dwi Nugroho Hidayanto,3Saraka Ali, 4Hasbi Sjamsir

Postpartum Pulmonary Embolism and Outcome, Experience at a Tertiary Centre
Prashiddha Bikram Kadel

Distal Arch Aneurysm repair: hybrid TEVAR A Novel approach
1Prashiddha Bikram Kadel, 2Uttam Krishna Shrestha , 3Kajan Raj Shrestha, 4Dinesh Gurung

Reflection of The Social Environment In Children's Quasidiological Speech
Nafisa Musaeva

Activation of Vocabulary of Preschool Children on The Basis of Associative Experimental Method
Gulobod Rakhmatova

Effect of selected yogic practices on psychological dimensions of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, etc among the persons during pandemic COVID 19 Lockdown periods
1Ajith Kumar.D,2 Dr. Arun S.S. Kumar,3 Dr. A. Subramaniyan

Right Recurrent Femoral Hernia with Left Inguinal Hernia - A Case Report
1Dr. D. B. Choksi, 2Dr. Karimireddy Jahnavi , 3Dr. Digant Patel, 4Dr. Jagrut Patel,5 Dr. Rutul Shah, 6Dr.Sijoy Varughese

Production Risks and Benefits Corn-Cow Integration System
1Supriyo Imran,2Ahmad Ramadhan Siregar,3Didi Rukmana,4Syamsuddin Nompo,5Ria Indriani

Teaching Students to Work With Pedagogical Situations in the Teaching of Pedagogical Disciplines
Durdona Aktamovna Akhatova

Legal Analysis of Provision of Assets to Stepsons Reviewing From Article 171 of The Compilation of Islamic Law
1Iyam Irahatmi Kaharu,2 Gamar Muhdar

p.R138Q and p.R229Q Screening In NPHS2 Gene in a Moroccan Cohort with Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome

Strategy for Sustainable Tami River Management as One of the Priority Watersheds in Indonesia
Alfred Alfonso Antoh

Lecturers Perception of Information and Communication Technology Skills Acquisition and Graduates Employability in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria
1Nwosu, Patience Okwudiri,2 Ogar, Joseph Ojishe,3 Danjumam, John Salihu

Age and Weight-Related Variation in Fasting Plasma Glucose among Inhabitants of Enugu Metropolis, Southeast Nigeria
1,2Ogbu, Innocent S. I.,2 Ikpeama Anthony I.,1 Ogbu, Chinemerem C.,
1 Nwobodo, Emmanuel I., 3Odochi, Ogbu C.,4 Nduka, Okeke J.

Influence of Promotion Strategy on Student Enrolment in Kenyan Universities
1Dr. Kennedy Ntabo Otiso PhD,2 Dr. Rael Mandago PhD

Bioconversion of Coconut Testa by Rhizopus Oryzae on Chemical Changes and Performance of Red Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)
1Kiki Haetami,2 Juniano, 3Abun

Effects of Mismanagement of Medical and Plastic Waste in Pre and During COVID-19 Outbreak
1Thanapat Thutsaringkarnsakul,2 Sira Burana-Osot,3 Smith Taechushong

Perceptual Feedback of Undergraduate Medical Students on Effectiveness of AETCOM (Attitude, Ethics and Communication) Session in Foundation Course
1Dr. A.T. Sathiyavinotha MD, 2Dr. A.Vijayamathy MD, 3Dr. S. Velarul MSc, 4Dr. S. Bhuvaneshwari MD, 5Dr. M.S. Umamageswari MD, 6Dr. S. Jeevithan MD

The Portrait Genre In The Fine Arts Of Uzbekistan Is Part Of The Work Of Abdulhaq Abdullayev
Adolat Khomidkhonova

Technology of Use of Hadith Examples in Spiritual and Moral Education of Students
Asror Samiev

Solicitation of Knowledge Graph Enhanced Neural Network Objects Detection by Sentiment Analysis
1Yacouba Conde, 2Zhoulianying

The Effect of Employee Characteristics on Customer Satisfaction of Islamic Banks Services in Indonesia
1Syaifullah M. Syam,2Siti Aisya

Development of Problem Based Learning (Pbl)-Based E-Module to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of Students In Biology Learning Class X Sman 1 Seberida Indragiri Hulu Regency
1Nadia Sagita,2Yuni Ahda,3Syamsurizal,4Irdawati

Act Together To End COVID-19”: Interactional Metadiscourse in The WHO’s Speeches During The COVID-19 Pandemic
1Dunya AlJazrawi,2Zeena AlJazrawi, 3Israa Ismaeel Mahmood

Ego Depletion on Students During Online Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic
1Herdian,2 Nadia Dwi Suci Ningtyas Putri

History of the Uzbek National Puppet Theater
Feruza Kobilova

Covid-19 and Diabetes Mellitus a Serious Concern for the Covid -19 Patients: A Brief Review
Ajaz Ahmed wani

Electrophysical Properties of Two Structured Polycrystal Silicon
1Lutfiddin Omanovich Olimov,2 Iqboljon Ibroximovich Anarboyev

The Island Sea Problem
Sevara Zokirjonovna Begmatova

Technologies for the Production of Machine-Building Composite Polymer Materials and Coatings Working in Contact With Raw Cotton
1Soyibdzhan Sodikovich Negmatov, 2Nodira Soyibjanovna Abed,3 Giyas Gulyamov,4 Olim Kholikulovich Eshkobilov

Purification of Waste Water of Oil-And-Fat Production By Compositions of Reagent-Adsorbents
1Dilnoza Saidakbarovna Salihanova, 2Izzat Dusimbatovich Eshmetov, 3Feruza Nabievna Agzamova,
4Durdona Abdulloyevna Azimova, 5Muxtasar Abdumutallib kizi Ismoilova

Features of The Processes of Clinker Formation When Using Solid Waste From Caprolactic Production As A Mineralizer
1Nimchik Alexey Grigoryevich,2 Zulayho Raimovna Kadyrova,3 Khikmatulla Lutpullayevich Usmanov

Prevention of The Development of Postoperative Complications and Their Treatment in The Surgery of Duedenal Purpose
1D.Sh. Khojimetov,2 M.F. Nishanov, 3A.Kh. Babadjanov,4R.A. Sadikov,5Kh.Sh. Yokubov,6Kh.M. Kodirov

Arterial Hypotension Epidemiology In Adolescents And Youth In Fergana
1T. S. Nurmatova,2N. S. Mamasoliyev, 3Kh. Kh. Tursunov,4Z. M. Utanov

The concept of discourse analysis in linguistics Artistic discourse and discourse analysis
Feruzabonu Temur qizi Temirova

The Study of Cicadas in the Conditions of the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan
A. G. Kojevnikova

Firm Characteristics, Corporate Governance and Tax Avoidance:Study on Mining Companies in Indonesia
1Sri Suranta, 2Trisninik Ratih Wulandari, 3Hanung Triatmoko, 4Renata Zoraifi,5 Juliati Juliati

Impact of Anemia on the School Performance of Students at a Public School in Ceará
1Larissa Albuquerque Oliveira, 2Lauhelia Mauriz Marques,3 Lara Hannyella Gouveia Duarte,4Germison Silva Lopes

Comprehensive Assessment of The Regional Potential Investment of The Republic of Uzbekistan
Otajanov Umid Abdullaevich

How to Habits of Drinking Alcohol "SOPI" in Community?- Dental Caries Status
1Quroti A’yun, 2Bonevansius Virmas, 3Aryani Widayati

Forecasting of Tourism Processes in Uzbekistan in Correlation Regression Models
F.E. Gulmurodov

Overcoding in Disciplines and Fields (After Deleuze):
A Call for 'Dynamic Genesis' in Tourism Studies and Related Domains
1Keith Hollinshead, 2Rukeya Suleman,3 Sisi Wang

Development Of Feeding Norms for Medium-Fiber and Fine-Fiber Cotton Varieties
1Mukhiddin Movlonov, 2Renat Nazarov, 3Jurakhon Abdullaev

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Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions given in the authors' guidelines. Manuscripts which do not conform to the format and style of the Journal may be returned to the authors for revision or rejected. The Journal reserves the right to make any further formal changes and language corrections necessary in a manuscript accepted for publication so that it conforms to the formatting requirements of the Journal.

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