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Current Issue

The Role of Probiotic Bacteria on Microbiological and Acceptability of Sudanese White Soft Cheese
1Alwaleed Ibrahim Dafalla, 2Kamal Awad Abdel Razig

The Using of Distance Learning Technologies in Training Courses
1T. Shoymardonov, 2E. Buriev

The Concept of Culture in English Philosophy
Dina Yasavievna Shigabutdinova

Quality of Malaria and HIV Rapid Diagnostic Test kits (RDTs) in health facilities and medicines outlets in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana
1,2*Amartey AO, 2Buabeng KO, 3Mohammed A, 4Maru SM, 5Peeling R, 6Tengey S

Determination of Aquifer Parameters Using Theis Method in Malamawi Island, Isabela City, Basilan, Philippines
1Alejandro A. Jalil, 2Roger A. Luyun, Jr., 3Aurelio A. Delos Reyes, Jr., 4Victorino A. Bato

Relationship Between Self Efficacy and Job Performance and Satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers In Anambra State
Dr. Nonyelum Udemba Ph.D

Long-Term Out come Evaluation in Patient Undergoing Deep Hypo-thermic Circulatory Arrest in Aortic Arch Surgery
1Leibuss Roberts,2 Poliņš Dāvis,3 Kalniņš Edvards, 4Drizlionoka Karina, 5Lācis Jānis, 6Ērglis Martiņš,7 Stradiņš Pēteris, 8Strīķe Eva

COVID-19 And Smoking: A Cross-Sectional Study Done In Lebanon
1Najwa Baassiry, 2Marwa El-Hallak, 3Ali Alkhatib, 4Sami Tlais, 5Hassan S. Hajj Hussein

Women Empowerment for Accelerating the Rural Economy of Arunachal Pradesh
1Iken Lendo, 2 B.D.Nayak

Phenotypic Performance and Response to Selection for Body Weight Traits of Black Bengal Goat (BBG) in a Community Breeding Program
1A. Akhtar, 2M.A. Hoque, 3A.K.F.H. Bhuiyan, 4M.R. Amin, 5M.A. Habib

Land Cover Dynamics in the Kani Red Bandama Classified Forest(Northern Côte d'Ivoire)
Dr. Konan Kouadio Eugene

An Empirical Analysis on Determinants of Accounting Internal Control Effectiveness: Evidence from Emerging Market
Dr. Hanh Hong HA

In the Implementation of State Educational Standards Based on Competency Approach in Mathematics the Problem of Membership and Continuity
Oygul Bekmuratovna Berdieva

Optimisation of Electromagnetic Components of a Parametrical Voltage Stabilizer with Magnetic Communications between the Nonlinear Coil and a Ballast Element
1S.F. Amirov,2 I.M. Bedritskiy,3 L.Kh. Bazarov

Formation of Reproductive Behavior of Student Youth in the Process of Studying the Humanities
Nigora Mamayusufovna Kenjaboeva

Previous Issue

Variation of Linear Algebra Problems, Based on Algebraic Models, In the Training of Teachers of Mathematics at Univerisdad Autonoma De Santo Domingo UASD
1Aury Rafael Pérez Cuevas, 2Isabel Yordi González, 3Santa Cabrera

Opportunities and Prospects for the Development of Ecotourism in the Jizzakh Oasis
1Khakima Davlatova, 2Ozodbek Nematov

Technical and Economic Level, Justification of Basic Technological Solutions of Formalin Production in Navoyazot, Selecting the Optimal Production Method
1Mohira Rakhmatiloevna Pulotova, 2Uchqun Yusuf o`g`li Jo`rayev, 3Intizor Odiljonovich Norqulov, 4Shaxzod Sirojiddin o`g`li Rustamov,5 Ro`zimboy Qadamboy o`g`li Saparboyev

Professional Competency Self-Efficacy of Undergraduate Environmental Studies Students: A Case Study of Gender Differences and Longitudinal Change
1David C. Gosselin,2Ronald J Bonnstetter, 3Eric Gehrig,4Robert Stokes

Preliminary Checklists of Birds for the Fura and Furagosa Wildlife Community Based Conservation Area, in Mirab-Abaya District, Gamo Zone, Southern Ethiopia
1Amare Gibru,2Yihew Biru, 3Zelalem Temesgen,4Kibebew Hunde

Presumption of Innocence – Application in Exercising Prosecution Rights, Supervising the Investigation and Adjudication of Criminal Cases under Vietnam Legal
Mai Dac Bien

Formation of Neutral Points in the Polarization Characteristics of Secondary Radiation in the Semi-Infinite Medium Model
1M.M. Sobirov,2 J.Yu. Rozikov, 3V.U. Ruziboyev

The Provision of Tourists’ Rights in Uzbekistan: International and National Standards
Surayyo Bultakovna Usmanova

Academic Dishonesty in Islamic Primary Schools
1Herdian, 2Farmadila Nisa’ul Sabrina

Board of Directors Decisions And Performance of Deposit Money Banks: An Analytical Approach
1Aderigha, 2 Ades George

Assessment of Ecoturistic Opportunities of Shakhrisabz District
1Gʻolib Nortoshevich Aliqulov,2 Fazilat Ibrokhim qizi Muzropova,3 Ravshan Abdurazakovich Eshonkulov

Government Policy Response to COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria
1Obinna Nwodim, PhD,2Edmund Felix Obomanu, PhD

The Degree of Study of Numerals by Scientists in the World
Dr. Umida Khodzhakbarovna Mavlyanova

Biological Development of Codling Moth and Biological Efficiency of Pyretroid Preparations to Control It
1Adilbay Reyimbayevich Utepbergenov,2 Nasima Genjemuratovna Shamuratova,3 Bakhtiyor Atajan ugli Atajanov

Acute Kidney Injury After Sigmoid Vaginoplasty Procedure In Mullerian Duct Anomalies: A Case Report
1Rizkha Adistyatama, 2 Nuring Pangastuti

Legal Basis of Rehabilitation in Criminal Proceedings
Gulom Mahammatovich Shodiev

A Comparative Analysis on the Challenges of Online Learning Modality and Modular Learning Modality: A Basis for Training Program
Aubrey S. Abante, Raymund P. Cruz, Danjo F. Guevarra, Maria Isabel B. Lanada, Mark Julius S. Macale, Myron Willie III B. Roque , Frederick R. Salonga, Lilibeth C. Santos, Wendell C. Cabrera

The Impact of Remittances on the Skipped Generation Households in Vietnam
1Hue Thi Hoang, 2Hien Thi Thao Dinh, 3Hang Thi Thuy Nguyen, 4Hien Thu Phung, 5Trang Thi Thu Pham

Evaluation of the Vietnamese Consumers' Intention to Buy Chinese Garment Products
1Pham Thi Thuy Van, 2Nguyen Thi Anh Tram, 3Le Thi Hai Ha

Treatment Methods for Different Variations Syndrome Mirizzi
1Omarov N.B., 2Aimagambetov M. Zh.,3Abdrakhmanov S.T.,4 Auenov M.A.,5Lazarev A.K., 6Akparov T.L.,7 Akhmetzhanova D.O.

Results of Surgical Treatment of Liver Echinococcosis in Our Practice
1Omarov N.B., 2Aimagambetov M.Zh.,3Asylbekov E.M.,4 Auyenov M.A.,5Abdrakhmanov S.T.,6 Mukash E.A.,7Akhmetzhanova D.O. ,8Masalov A.E.

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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Analysis is a leading international journal for publication of new ideas.The primary goal of the editors is to maintain high quality of publications on theoretical developments and practical applications. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews, and high quality technical notes are invited for publications. Authors should note that only original and previously unpublished manuscripts will be considered. The articles that are sent for reviews will have names of the authors deleted with a view towards enhancing the objectivity and fairness of the review process. Time to time, the Journal will publish review articles and bring out special issues on a specific field. Authors are encouraged to contact the Editors if they would like to submit a review article or bring out a special issue of the Journal. Submission of a manuscript is interpreted as a statement of certification that no part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publication nor is under review by any other formal publication. It is the primary responsibility of the author to obtain proper permission for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript, prior to the submission of the manuscript to IJMRA.

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Authors should prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions given in the authors' guidelines. Manuscripts which do not conform to the format and style of the Journal may be returned to the authors for revision or rejected. The Journal reserves the right to make any further formal changes and language corrections necessary in a manuscript accepted for publication so that it conforms to the formatting requirements of the Journal.

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